FEED stands for Front End Engineering Design. The FEED is basic engineering which comes after the Conceptual design or Feasibility study. The FEED design focuses the technical requirements as well as rough investment cost for the project.

As part of pre-project planning, Front End Engineering Design work is early design work done after conceptual business planning and prior to detailed design.

KYE Clayworth Senegal effectively Provides solutions that include FEED, equipment selection and commissioning services.

Our work takes place in a variety of settings, from established downtowns to new communities to rural landscape settings. All our projects have in common the need for practicality, quality, and attractiveness. Underlying everything we do is the ideal of making places where we ourselves – and ultimately, many others – will want to be.

Our construction services experts provide clients with an extensive range of pre-construction and construction-related services and solutions for projects of varying scope, budget, schedule and complexity.